Online students recruitment fairs

Online student recruitment fairs

Online students recruitment fairs are not a new development in university marketing. In fact, providers have been proposing such solutions since the beginning of the 2010s.

Even for those who are not particularly enthusiast of on-line student recruitment fairs, COVID-19 increasingly looks like a black swan-kind of thing. Fairs should follow suit in adapting to circumstances, at least until prospective students will be able to gather again in closed places.

Today, virus-scared prospective students are not keen on gathering with hundreds of peers.

Further, personnel is not willing to travel abroad, or even allowed to. Restrictions on flights add complication on the organisation of traditional fairs. This is one of the reasons why agencies are growing nowadays.

Clearly, a one-to-one, physical meeting is to be preferred to a virtual conversation.

But if physical meetings are not possible, online students recruitment fairs represent the only option available.

FPP Edumedia virtual fairs have an extended calendar, starting from October 2020

The Student World produced a virtual event last January

QS Grad tour recently added the  feature to organise personal meetings even in a virtual fair

Exafairs offers customised solutions

A2 are region-specialised

Otherwise, it’s worth having a look at:

Unibuddy, a student/perspective matching platform

HigherEdMe, an excellent matching platform

Web2Present, which is owned by Studyportals




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