LUISS Rome to launch a triple degree with Renmin and George Washington

LUISS Rome to launch a triple degree with Renmin and George Washington

LUISS Rome to launch a triple degree with Renmin and George Washington


Luiss Guido Carli University (Rome), Renmin University of China (Beijing) and George Washington University (Washington, DC) are launching “ACE“, which stands for “America, China & Europe”, a brand new triple degree in Business Administration which – by bringing together three different countries, with their managerial and institutional cultures – represents an absolute new entry, Bloomberg reports.

The highly innovative and geographically itinerant four-year ACE degree programme will give students the opportunity to obtain three degrees, one for each University, valid and recognised in the United States, China and Europe, and to aspire to positions of responsibility in multinational and global institutions. This international learning experience will allow students to immerse themselves in the economic, social and managerial culture of the three continents.

The new entry into the world panorama of degree courses in Business education will unite three different countries and managerial cultures. The innovative program draws from three global capital cities to provide immersive local education that will educate future business leaders.

Within the four year degree, students will spend their first year in their home university to acquire the knowledge building blocks in management and economics. They will then jointly attend courses in Rome (II year), Beijing (III year) and Washington, D.C. (IV year). Students will have the opportunity to deep dive into the social and business cultures of three different continents by experiencing the lifestyles and networking of capital cities.With this triple degree pathway, students can obtain three degrees, one for each university, valid and recognised in America, China and Europe. Graduates may aspire to hold positions of responsibility in global companies, international institutions or to specialise in top-ranking universities.

Fees are paid to the home university for the entire length of studies.

«The first challenge for the University in 2022 and the years to come, is the need to internationalise and intercept the opportunities of the Higher Education landscape globally. The ACE program, with strategic partners such as Renmin and the George Washington University, places Italy at the centre of the routes of international higher education and goes precisely in the direction to respond to the need of training global, “future-ready” managers, able to work and interact in dynamic and multicultural environments», said Luiss Rector Andrea Prencipe, continuing: «For us, having traced an ideal thread between Rome, Beijing and Washington, D.C., in line with our Strategic Plan and an innovative educational model, means to train professionals with a strong cosmopolitan character and to encourage the international mobility of talents».

Photo credits: La Presse.

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