Davinci-1 a new Italian supercomputer

Davinci-1 a new Italian supercomputer

Davinci-1 a new Italian supercomputer


The Italian company Leonardo develops multi-domain operational capabilities in the field of Aerospace, Defence and Security. The company is a leader in many international strategic programs and technological partners of Governments, Defense Administrations, Institutions and companies. Innovation, continuous research, digital industry and sustainability are the pillars of his business in the world.

Leonardo has recently installed davinci-1, a new supercomputer installed in the Torre Fiumara in Genua, a symbol of technological innovation and development in Italy and Europe.

Davinci-1 has immediately been placed in the top 100 supercomputers in the world, according to the TOP 500 ranking, and on the podium of sector A&D (Aerospace & Defense). Davinci-1 is realized with the technological partnership of Atos and boasts the latest generation nvidia A100 accelerators.

It will count on a battery of over 100 units of supercomputing, for an overall computing power of more than 5PFlops – 5 million billion floating-point operations per second – with a network high performance and a storage system made by DDN, equipped with the latest hardware and software technologies, for a storage capacity of the order of 20Pbyte (20
millions of Gigabytes). With davinci-1 Leonardo will accelerate disruptive technologies that represent the present and the future of innovation: Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Intelligent System, Big Data Analytics, High-Performance Computing, Electrification of Aeronautical Platforms, Materials and Structures and Quantum Technologies.

The supercomputer is a jewel in the Italian landscape of HPC, an accelerator of knowledge to enhance the process of industrial digitalization with direct repercussions for
the competitive development, not only of the company but of the country.

This is why Leonardo created the Corporate Research Program, realized through the Leonardo Labs, including the one in Genoa, which will be a pole of attraction for young international researchers. After the evaluation of about 1,000 young researchers, only 68 will be selected to be included in the network of Labs.

The idea is to nurture a continuous flow of talents and ensure flexibility, both in skills and professional competencies, based on an internationally adopted model.

Meanwhile, also according to Top500, Italy can count on a top 10 supercomputer. HPC5 at No. 9 is a PowerEdge system built by Dell and installed by the Italian company Eni S.p.A. It achieves a performance of 35.5 Pflop/s due to using NVIDIA Tesla V100 as accelerators and a Mellanox HDR InfiniBand as the network.

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