The return of liberal arts

Are liberal arts striking back?

According to Inc. ( a major rebound in the demand for traditional arts major is due to happen in 2020.

The same distinction between majors and minors in countries such as Italy makes little sense, except for some universities that have introduced minors into their system (Ca ‘Foscari University Venice is one of these). The trend is noteworthy, nonetheless.

Within the context of a liberal arts degree, one can for instance study modern languages, music, anthropology, history, women’s studies, psychology, political science or many other disciplines.

Basically, natural sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities – as opposed to STEM subjects. So trendy up until now.

“AI will automate technical skills and drive the demand for soft skills like creativity, communication and empathy. While there’s been such a focus on recruiting STEM over the past several years, those majors will continue to lose relevance, while liberal arts majors will become more valuable to companies moving forward”, the article reports.

Che out (in Italian) the report of Osservatorio Talent Venture on this subject.

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