Digital marketing trends

Digital marketing: the 2020 trends

Digital marketing will definitely be on the rise in the next decade.

In 2020 it’s hard to think about higher education marketing without a reliable online strategy, and a reliable strategy has to take into account what the real tendencies are. What are the trends in this field, from which an Italian university can also benefit?

In his blog (, Philippe Taza lists six of them.

Google analytics

A true cornerstone in digital marketing, Google Analytics may also be supported by other tools to actively measure web traffic, especially for functions such as voice search. Among them, Tableau and Megalytic.

Privacy in search

Search engines such as DuckDuckGo “commit to not tracking, collecting, or selling user’s personal information”.

Long-form videos

“Marketers are slowly starting to take notice of this, and some experts are predicting that 2020 will see a spike in the amount of long-form content produced”.

The rise of TikTok

Tik Tok is sky-rocketing and HEIs better consider seriously investing in this youth-oriented platform

Augmented reality

Schools may use it for campus tours, in promotional fairs, and so on.

Responsive paid ads in HE advertising

With the launch of Google’s Responsive Search Ads, “ads adapt to fit different devices and screens, they also adapt their content to match what users are searching for”.

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