Top marketing trends 2021

Top Marketing Trends 2021

No doubt, the whole world of tertiary education is in the flux.

The Covid-19 emergency pushed most HEIs to offer courses online, so, therefore, even in Italy the present situation is that, like it or not, universities have to maker on-line courses, mostly via online instruments.

Here are my top trends for 2021:

1. Change the model of your communication explaining how on-line teaching is valuable, too

2. Revise your communication strategy, addressing the gaps your online marketing may have (SEO and SEM to start with)

3. Hire an influencer. This is a must for all products these years: be on the forefront and fin the perfect influencer to advertise your institution or course

4. Re-invent the concept of “campus experience“, especially in the initial marketing phase of an institution

5. Focus on (professional) videos, as surrogates of open days and the like

6. Stay ahead of the chatbot wave: consider automatic enquiries and communications

7. Further invest in social media marketing. With more and more people staying home and spending more time over the smartphone, social media marketing is not an option any more. Also, consider investing in a non-English social media

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