A new "polytechnic of arts" to be established in Milan?

A new “polytechnic of arts” to be established in Milan?

A new “polytechnic of arts” to be established in Milan?


Speaking at the inauguration of the Academic Year of the Civic Schools Foundation of Milan and of the four Civic Schools of theatre, music, cinema and languages, the Italian Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini launched the idea that the Civic Schools can be gathered and structured as “Polytechnic“, Artribune reports. Mr Franceschini claimed that “the idea of the Polytechnic of Arts is also formidable. And we will have to implement it here too with a form of permanent participation and support from the State. This is my commitment: we still have a year of this legislature to make it concrete”.

If the project were to be realised, the Polytechnic of the Arts would thus be set up as an Institute of Higher Education formed by faculties and schools of the humanistic-artistic area, just as usually happens with the polytechnics of scientific, architectural or technical area-engineering.

Scientific polytechnics are present in Italy, though not widespread. Milan, Turin, Bari, and the Marche Region host a polytechnic organised in the form of a higher education institution. Usually, Italian polytechnics attract large cohorts of international students yearly.

While creating a polytechnic for the artistic area – and especially with the direct support of the Ministry of Culture – would be a novelty. An idea that stems from the need to train people highly specialised in the cultural sector, especially in view of the post-pandemic restart: “the pandemic has made it clear to even the layman what a country is without culture, has brought people closer to new cultural needs”, said Franceschini.

Needless to say, a new “polytechnic of arts” to be established in Milan would greatly enhance Italy’s stand vis-à-vis other international initiatives, such as for example, the University of Arts in London, or the Berlin University for the Arts.


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