How relevant pictures are

Photographs in university marketing

Fact is, photographs are often neglected in marketing. Marketers tend to pay too much attention on text and contents, and to ignore the relevance of a professional photograps set.

In international marketing & communication, universities often neglect the vital importance of choosing professional images to be conveyed through their media.

A recent study has shown that the focus of prospective students is 78% on the photographs illustrating a post or news, and only 22% on the title or text of the news itself.

In the era of visual communication, many of us pay first attention to the visual media, and then to the title and to the content. This is even more true as far as students are concerned. They tend to consume web-based material at a pace which is unknown to adults.

So it’s important to invest in a good photographer producing professional photos, rather than downloading copyright-free images from the internet.

Of course, it is equally important to often change the images on the homepages of the sites: too often in fact we see the same low-resolution image camping on the website of a university for weeks. If not for months.

For an introductory text, check out this excellent Stock Photo Secrets post.

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