Student recruitment fairs: which providers exhibit in Italy

Student recruitment fairs: which providers exhibit in Italy

Student recruitment fairs: which providers exhibit in Italy


Together with recruitment agencies and online instruments, international recruitment fairs are one of the chosen tools HEIs make use of when recruiting internationally.

In time, Italian HEIs have identified providers, market countries, and developed their own annual calendar.

But what is the situation in Italy? Often, people underestimate that Italy is a relevant source of international students for foreign universities. In fact, the number of Italian university students heading abroad is growing. In 2019, 77,505 Italian university students were enrolled in foreign institutions, 1,382 more (+ 1.8%) than in 2018, as reported by the Institute for Statistics dell’UNESCO.

Since 2015, the number has increased steadily: 60,906 students who have enrolled abroad that year. This makes Italy the twelfth provider of university students worldwide, a few hundred units under Ukraine

So, when talking about student recruitment fairs: which providers exhibit in Italy?

Being the 12th market worldwide, it’s no surprise the number of providers is high, and it’s been growing over the years.

Here’s a tentative list:

  1. Education This Dutch provider offers a limited calendar, which is nonetheless coupled with useful market insights
  2. Universityfairs. German-based, they sport a two-event calendar in Spring 2022 (Rome and Milan)
  3. QS. London-based, QS 2022 schedule offers both a Spring as well as an Autumn calendar
  4. Access masters. Sofia-based, they provide a few dates, mostly in Milan.
  5. Access MBA. It’s the same company as the above-mentioned, with a specialised calendar for MBAs and executive education.

For international educators interested in Italian events where, typically, Italian HEIs and service providers advertise, a good starting point (in English) is definitely Eventseyes.

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